NSB Pickleball Club

The  NSB Pickleball Club is a club comprised of approximately 155 members who wish to promote the game of pickleball.  The Club has been working with city and county governments to increase the number of pickleball facilities and/or courts to be utilized by area pickleball players.  Thusfar, from the efforts of the Club and individual members, the number of pickleball courts has increased in the immediate area.

The Club has also been active in developing and implementing various activities associated with the game of pickleball.  Events such as clinics, round robins, and tournaments are a few of the activities sponsored by the Club to further the enjoyment of the game.

The Club also provides the opportunity for the members to meet socially without being on the pickleball court.  Beach bon-fires, picnics, and dinner meetings are events  allowing the members and their spouse/significant other to get to know each other without a pickleball paddle in their hand.

2020 Meeting Schedule

January 14, 2020 7PM - At the City Gym