Babe James

Babe James Community Center - 2 Indoor Pickleball Courts


- The Babe James Community Center is located at 201 N. Myrtle Avenue

- The phone Number is 386-410-2890 

- The Center is open for Pickleball beginning October 8th 2019:

      08:30am to 1:00pm on Monday, Tuesday, Thursday, and Friday

      08:30am to 12:30pm on Wednesday


NOTE:  The Babe James Community Center is the home of the New Smyrna Beach Leisure Services' after school programs and will be closed for Pickleball when school is not in session.



Pettis Park

Pettis Park - 2 Outdoor Pickleball Courts


The park is located at the intersection of Mary Avenue and Milford Place in the Historic West Side of NSB (3 blocks from the Babe James Community Center).

Organized play on Tuesdays starting at 08:30 - 9:00am and Thursday at 6:00pm.  All other times is open play.  The skill level of the people attending vary so you will have no problem putting together an interesting and enjoyable game of pickleball.

Pettis Park has two lighted Pickleball courts, a practice wall, a tennis court (lined for pickleball play), two Racketball courts, two large pavilions, two basketball courts, a playground, and restroom facilities.

Note: The NSB Pickleball Club has Adopted Pettis Park.  We are looking for a coordinator for this Adopt-A-Park program .  This does not take a great amount of time.  Just have the people waiting to play the next game, police the area.  Fill out a form, once a month.  Contact Jim Brown  614-313-3512. 



Live Oaks

Live Oak Courts - 3 Outdoor Pickleball Courts

These courts are located next to the City Gym and NSB Library.  Parking is available at the City Gym/Live Oak Cultural Center or at the NSB Library.  The courts face East/West so sun may be a factor early in the morning or late in the day.  Courts are designated for open play.  Courts are NOT lite for night play. 

There is organized play on Saturday mornings starting at 9am.  The skill level of the people attending vary so you will have no problem putting together an interesting and enjoyable game of pickleball.



City Gym - 3 Indoor Pickleball Courts


  • The NSB Gym is an indoor gymnasium.  It is adjacent to the new Live Oak Cultural Center located at 1000 Live Oak Street (across the parking lot from the NSB Library)

  • Monday:                9:00 AM - 1:00 PM & 4:00 PM - 7:00 PM
  • Tuesday:               No Pickleball
  • Wednesday:        1:00 PM - 5:00 PM 
  • Thursday:          11:30AM - ????
  • Friday:                  9:00 AM - 1.:00 PM & 4:00 PM - 7:00 PM

NOTE:  Please DO NOT PARK in the slashed parking area behind the Live Oak Cultural Center. That area is for people who load their vehicles for "Meals on Wheels".

  • OUTER COURTS:  The  outer 2 courts are lined in light brown as shown in the picture above.  The outer brown lines are for Pickleball (the inner lines are for Badmitten).  The Kitchen Line is gray.  COURTS ARE NOW LINED WITH GREEN TAPE
  • INNER COURT:  The center court is lined in gray - boundaries, base line, and kitchen line.
  • Pickleball players are to enter the gym through the FRONT doors (the doors facing the Cultural Center).  Do not go through the activity room to get to the gym.  
  • NETS: There is basketball on Saturday or Sunday so the nets should be put in the lockers after the Monday morning time slot and after the Monday afternoon time slot.  All other times the nets may be placed along the wall by the men's restroom.
  • BALLS: The tub of balls should be locked up daily since others use the gym.  Once the bucket is empty, players must provide balls.  

City Gym Pickleball Box

The box is used much like the signup sheet except paddles are used instead of names

  • You are responsible for the placement of your paddle in the box
  • You are not required to place you paddle in the next available slot
  • You may choose to skip a slot and place your paddle in any slot available
  • You may choose to place your paddle along with other player’s paddles in any available slot
  • You may NOT move another persons paddle unless you have permission from said player
  • Move the arrow as soon as you take the paddles out to play (right to left)
  • PLEASE BE READY TO PLAY - know when you are the next group to play


Detwiler Park - 5 outdoor tennis courts - 2 are lined for Pickleball


Detwiler Park will close May 15-29 to resurface the basketball court and and five tennis courts (two of which will also be re-striped for pickleball play). Park restrooms will remain open during this time.

- Detwiler Park is located at Oakwood Avenue and Horton Street midway between Flagler Avenue and Third Avenue in the central beachside area of New Smyrna Beach. The facility includes lighted courts, restroom facilities and a children’s playground.

NOTE:   The courts are shared with tennis players.

Organized Play Schedule (Click on the picture for email notification)

- MON/WED/FRI: Pickleball play starts at 10am (There is a tennis group that uses most of the courts before 10am).

- TUES/THUR: Pickleball play starts at 8am for early birds, but a 9am show time is OK.  (There is a tennis group that uses some of the 3 remaining tennis courts on Tuesday and Thursday mornings).

 - SAT/SUN: Pickleball play starts at 9am.

Click on the Picture for email notification.
Click on the Picture for email notification.